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Happy to inform that our founder, Jean Huvelle, is going to present some of our research work on friction on wooden surfaces at the Cycling Research Board conference in Amsterdam. Look for session D2 in the programme, on the 6th of October. Admissions are still open so welcome to join the fun! The rapport supporting […]

Friction on wooden surfaces – Final report

We are happy that our final report for the Skyltfonden-financed project to investigate the frictional properties of wooden pavements as been approved for release. The main outcome is that all is not what it seems when it comes to the influence of fibre direction on friction and that moisture content is a determining factor influencing […]

Pendulum Skid Resistance Tester

Today, we have received our brand new and calibrated Skid Resistance Tester, an established device to measure friction properties of various surface. This is part of the Skyltfonden-financed project to establish friction data on wood-rubber interactions, with a focus on angle of interaction (vs wood fibre direction). To test our skills and new device, we […]

Stöd från Skyltfonden

Vårt projektförslag « Praktiska friktionskoefficienter mellan trävägar och oskyddade trafikanter » har fått bifall och finansiering från Skyltfonden. Projektet handlar om utvecklingen av en ny metodik och apparat för mätning av friktionsegenskaper av « beläggningar » samt generation av tillhörande data för en del underlag. I synnerhet, fokusen ska ligga på friktionsområden relevanta till oskyddade trafikanter, som är idag […]