Friction on wooden surfaces – Final report

We are happy that our final report for the Skyltfonden-financed project to investigate the frictional properties of wooden pavements as been approved for release.

The main outcome is that all is not what it seems when it comes to the influence of fibre direction on friction and that moisture content is a determining factor influencing how slippery such a surface can become.

It is confirmed that wood is a great surface for safe traffic, performing flawlessly when dry, and clearing the requirements when designed and maintained properly. This means it is an outstanding candidate to replace environmentally-damaging established solutions, in particular in lightweight traffic conditions.

Results will help in our continuous development of safe active mobility infrastructure.

Pendulum Skid Resistance Tester

Today, we have received our brand new and calibrated Skid Resistance Tester, an established device to measure friction properties of various surface.

This is part of the Skyltfonden-financed project to establish friction data on wood-rubber interactions, with a focus on angle of interaction (vs wood fibre direction).

To test our skills and new device, we ran a series of measurement on a typical Swedish varnished oak flooring. Check the results below. Conditions were dry.

Medlemskap InfraSweden 2030

ModC Networks AB är nu medlem i InfraSweden 2030 ett strategiskt innovationsprogram inom transportinfrastruktur.

Där samlas spetskompetens inom vårt kompetensområdet och det är en stor ära att kunna vara med och bidra i sammanhanget på vår resa mot klimatneutral och motståndskraftig infrastruktur.


VelSol prototype recycled into light bridge

In spite of the dire weather, we put our summer to good use and recycled our 2019 VelSol prototype into a light pedestrian bridge with 10m span.

Due to its experimental nature, the prototype lacked any lifting points which created its range of challenges, but hands-on attitudes and smart thinking combined have prevailed, the bridge becoming a reality on the expected day.

While the VelSol module will keep on being monitored for a. o. humidity and durability issues, its main purpose will now be to shorten the path to school for the local kids by 60%, entirely removing the need for them to follow trafficked roads.

Happy to see our prototype fulfill an extra purpose, all the while demonstrating its ease of handling and installation, versatility and economy.

Oh and if you are wondering, the deck’s elevation above the banks is a requirement from the permit (issued in April) to clear extreme flooding.

UPDATE: In January 2022, the prototype was put twice to the test of floods, demonstrating with flying colours the resilience of the concept in face of climate change (and the foresight of the local planning authorities).